Its Stories like This

That cause my teenage distrust and distaste for police to bubble up again.

Police covered up death of pedestrian run over by patrol car, family says

- A Finksburg man did not commit suicide by leaping in front of a state trooper’s cruiser about a year ago, as police had reported, but was killed after the car sped onto the shoulder and hit him at nearly 85 mph, according to an accident investigation.

A state police accident investigation report, obtained by The Examiner, shows that Randy Rakes, 38, died after being hit by the cruiser while crossing Route 140 on Nov. 28, 2006.


“They have covered this up from the beginning,” Blizzard said. “I could have understood — accidents happen — but I can’t understand how you can take a man lying in the gutter and trash him. They’re supposed to be protecting us, and they’re the biggest crooks.”

The crash investigation report shows Derr was speeding nearly 30 mph over the 55-mph limit and never touched his brakes.

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