A Pit of Vipers

AKA, the Examiner Reader Commentary section.

Its really a hateful little party over there. Lets see, poor people who use government services are "parasites". These "parasites" are the reason we have to raise taxes. Lots of talk about "leaving" Maryland. Sounds like a plan. Accusations of "communism", "socialism" and "liberalism" abound. Its amazing how many of the commenters DESPISE the poor, who they for some reason believe are destined to live in luxury under this tax plan, while they, the rich, will be bled completely dry, forced into the streets.

Remember, when someone wants to raise taxes, the only proper response is to call them a communist and claim the sky is falling. For some quality examples, check the comments here.

10:19 AM MST on Mon., Nov. 12, 2007 re: "House passes $1.4 billion in tax increases"

BG said:
It's funny to see holier than thou liberal Dems lecture the rest of us. They tell us we have less right to KEEP OUR MONEY than gov't has to SIEZE IT. "Gov't needs it" they say. Yes- to pander to the ever-growing underclass their policies grew in the first place. And to grow GOV'T ITSELF, which they see as the efficient, just provider of a solution to every known human condition, if only enough $ were available. History will eventually see them for what they are- arrogant "vote farmers" who cultivate power by spreading pseudo-intellectual manure across an expanding wasteland of neighborhoods that their policies have worked since the 1960s to destroy. They care not, however, because being a progressive lets them see themselves as they wish- morally superior, enlightened, selfless benefactors of society. It's all BS though, and here's the proof- If the social result (not power & gov't growth) is the goal, why don't they simply donate themselves, and encourage others to do the sa

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How nice. AAANNNND:

8:01 AM MST on Mon., Nov. 12, 2007 re: "House passes $1.4 billion in tax increases"

Examiner Reader said:
Wow! Methinks Stuart M. Davies is a bit misguided. I, for one, am educated enough to recognize an ad hominem attack when I see one. (for you stu,that means making a personal attack against your detractors because you have no other means to argue your point) These tax hikes are clearly NOT in the best interest of ALL. They ARE in the interest the welfare/nanny state that maryland is becoming. They are in the interest of fat, bloated, inefficient govt bureaucracies, and they are in the interest of the lazy, uneducated, unmotivated, unwilling to work and support themselves government-teet-suckers who comprise more and more of the maryland voting electorate as hard working, self-supporting folks (like myself) make a run for the border. Give me a break - "people oriented"??? You are right about one thing: MD is a Dem state. Losing population, setting murder records, leading in teen preg, syphilis cases... And now record high taxes. All things for a good liberal democrat to be proud of.

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So classy. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without some good liberal feminization:

1:49 PM MST on Thu., Nov. 8, 2007 re: "O�Malley: Most will pay more"

Examiner Reader said:
I love how liberals are now suddenly "progressives". Funny how they choose to change names after they have created such a negative association with the word liberal in the minds of voters. Why not be bold and honest and call yourselves by your true name - socialists. From each according to his ability to each according to his need. Sounding more and more like the rhetoric from the "progressives". I'd choose self-reliance over governmental interference any day of the week. Guess that makes me a knuckle dragging neanderthal. Maybe that explains why I don't appreciate that she-male statue infront of Penn Station. Gosh, if I could only get that surgery to help me be more progressive. What's is called? Oh yeah, it's a lobotomy...

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And one last one for good measure:

12:37 PM MST on Thu., Nov. 8, 2007 re: "O�Malley: Most will pay more"

25 M Who works hard! said:
600k Home? I wish. SUV? Hell no! Don't be such an IDIOT! If i made that much i wouldn't be making this. I'm married and her and I work. We save our money for only what is needed. She has a '92 saturn that needs to be replaced. I have a old used car im still trying to pay off. I work hard for my money. I condsider my self Middleclass/Upper Lower class. You are the type of person who is saying i need to be payed more to sit on my but, you give reasons for the poor to stay poor and not work to become something. Why should they try to improve themselves when we have IDIOTS like you willing to take from the ppl that have worked hard to make the money they have and give it to someone who knows if they are paid to be useless. All i know is that I'm not going to Hell like most of the Democrats.

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Your tax package opponents, in their own words.

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Matthew said...

It really is kind of shameful how people get so ignorant on those boards, and not just on political issues... every time there's an article about crime, the conclusion is almost immediately drawn that the perpetrators are a: minorities, b: sub-human, or c: some combination of the two. Makes me wince to even chance reading my own articles sometimes.