To My Conservative Readers: Have a Safe Trip

To all my conservative readers who will no doubt be leaving the state after our nominal tax increase passes, I wish you all the best. Safe travels.

To help with your transition, here is a chart of the tax burden by state. I hear Alaska is BEAUTIFUL this time of year (and so is their tax rate, lowest in the nation at 6.6%). Oklahoma also looks promising. From what I hear from friends who have lived there, its sort of a hellhole of ignorance, strip-malls, highways and mega-churches, but that is right up your alley (so is their nationwide low tax burden of only 27.8% after adding federal taxes)!

But really, who needs a federal tax that high anyway? I recommend you just leave this whole stinking liberal country for the beautiful shores of Greece (income tax of .6%) or Mexico (income tax of 3%) Two lovely places, and such great infrastructure and social institutions. We all know Mexico's citizens love it there.

So really, I ask my conservative readers to kindly "grow a pair" and leave the state and possibly the country. You have numerous options that are better than your horrible existence (can we even call it EXISTENCE!?) in the tyrannical state of Maryland.

Update: Yeah Michelle, you can leave too.


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