The Pelosi/Plane Story is Completely False

Its a shame that I even have to comment on this completely partisan fabrication, coming from of all places, the Pentagon.

First, you must visit the link above. Just in case you missed it, here it is again:

Of course, every right-wing populist wannabe has jumped on the story. Its always funny to watch Republicans wield the class war club. They bristle at any suggestion to tax executive bonuses, to raise taxes on the rich, to provide working men and women with a living wage, but when it comes to whipping up some populist fervor to bash a Democrat, they are all for it.

What is the point here? The meme is meant to be "Pelosi rides luxury on your dime." Well, so did Denny Hastert. The reality is that this is security measure, requested by the House Sergeant at Arms, not Pelosi.

Is the plane larger than Hastert's? Yes, but Hastert had to fly to Illinois. Pelosi is flying to California. Its called geography and security folks.

In our "post 9-11 world" I see no problem being overcautious about the safety of the third in line for the Presidency. Pelosi needs a military aircraft that can make a cross-country flight with no stops for refueling. Could Pelosi just fly commercial? Yes. In fact, she has agreed to do so for cross country flights should the DOD deny the request of the Sergeant at Arms.

Personally, I think it is horribly embarrassing that we are debating over a security measure for one of the most powerful people in the world. The DOD, the Pentagon, and anyone else criticizing this completely normal and realistic request should be ashamed of themselves.

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