The Sun Fails to Look Ahead On Global Warming

The Sun's Tom Pelton, this past Sunday asked Baltimore to look at it's future. Mr. Pelton asks that we consider floods, the migration or extinction of local species, and smog filled air as a distinct part the near future of Maryland.

Mr. Pelton considers this disastrous future and concludes that we, as a State, can and should do nothing. This is completely incorrect, and it's an attitude that fails to look to future of both our State and our Nation.

Whether you accept or deny the established science supporting Global Warming as a man made problem it is harder to deny the genuine social, scientific and political movement that now swirls around the issue. I can say with some certainty that soon enough we will seen Federal action on carbon emissions, "clean car requirements", etc.

Maryland would do well to play the game and get a head start on what will possibly become a state inspired program. Why let Arnold and California be the innovators when it comes to combating global warming at the state level? Maryland has it's own challenges to deal with when it comes to becoming carbon-neutral. Why should we wait to have the Feds impose their own ideas on us? Lets get a head start and create our own Maryland focused program for combating greenhouse gases.

If Maryland takes the initiative, we will have the chance to do things our own way, and to give businesses in Maryland a head start in what I am sure will become another lucrative virtual market, carbon emissions trading. Be warned, the global warming legislation will be coming. It is Maryland's choice whether we will be in control of our own carbon-neutral destiny or not.

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