Right-wing Attack on Bloggers Hurts Both Sides

Nice try at humor though. And yes, right-wingers really find this stupidity to be hilarious.

Way to denigrate and reduce the power of the whole political blogosphere. Michelle Malkin is a complete idiot, and the controversy over John Edwards' bloggers' bad language is both short sighted and anti-speech.

In a world where the MSM is on constant patrol for a story with which to beat the blogosphere over the head with, Malkin and her ilk are giving them firepower. Every blogger makes principled stands for unpopular issues at some times. Those that do not aren't worth their weight in digital ink.

So to go after Edwards and his bloggers over their "paper trail" of personal opinions is working against us all. Now every candidate for '08 will think harder about how they control and censor their campaign bloggers. It will lead to a lot of quality bloggers missing out on job opportunities, and the hiring of a lot of boring consultants to do their job instead.

Yeah, its an attack strategy that is working for the GOP, but it will come back to bite us all in the ... errr... "behind".


Bruce Godfrey said...

Andy I do agree with you, but view this ominously.

This is not about getting rid of two mouthy bloggers; this is a mau-mau against progressive blogging culture. It is an attempt to defang the netroots as a whole by punishing the hell out of a couple mouthy bloggers, chilling the rest and rendering the rest - a largely youthful bunch - less employable.

I fear for Team Edwards if something this small could paralyze them. Maybe it will be the first campaign to self-destruct.

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