Chipotle Increases Their Temptation Factor

Via the Baltimore Business Journal

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. said Monday it intends to serve a significant increase in naturally raised meat this year.

The Denver company, which operates 670 restaurants, including around 10 in the Baltimore area, said the amount will increase by 40 percent, to 52 million pounds. That's 12 million more pounds than were served last year, the company said, and translates to about 200 million meals this year.

Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) claims to be the world's leading restaurant provider of naturally raised meat -- beef, pork and chicken from animals raised humanely and not given antibiotics or added hormones.

Chipotle is working to have all of its restaurants serving naturally raised meet (SIC). Currently, naturally raised beef is served in 46 percent of the locations, while naturally raised chicken is available at 79 percent. Chipotle said naturally raised pork is at all of its restaurants.

It doesn't help that they are also in walking distance.

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