KY Lethal Injection Case Could Have Implications for Maryland

Is it me, or does it seem like the death penalty is under severe attack lately? Signs of a nation trending towards progressivism? I am not sure, but if so, its a good sign. A key bit from the article:
And in Maryland, members of the state's execution team testified to unfamiliarity with the very tasks they are asked to carry out when a convicted killer is put to death.

A retired state trooper responsible for injecting the three drugs into IV lines said he rarely pays attention when an execution team member says certain steps in the process "because it doesn't have much to do with what I do."

But an anesthesiologist for the death row inmate later told the judge that the steps mentioned by the man involved the injection of drugs -- that team member's precise job.



Anonymous said...

More concerned with the tens of thousands of defendants in non-capital cases that receive unbalanced treatment within the criminal injustice system. Not that passionate about the 2 or 3 folks on death row if they are in fact guilty of heinous murders. How they are put to death just doesn't seem as important as innocent people wrongly convicted, covicted on witness hearsay under he guise of witness intimidation, or those with no or low-level representation that are railroaded.

Anonymous said...

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