More on Baltimore's "Single Stream" Recycling

Via Baltimore Guide:

Say “so long” to Blue Bag Mondays. Starting January 8, plastic bags are a no-no when it comes to curbside recycling. That’s when the city will start using a new system called single-stream recycling. Gone are the days of separating paper from bottles and cans. With the single-stream system, all of these things can be placed in one container and set out on the curb on the same day—as long as they’re not in a plastic bag.

All recyclables can be mixed together and placed in either a recyclable container like a cardboard box or a brown paper bag or in a clearly marked container that can be reused. And since recycling is separate from trash, containers do not need a lid.

The list of items that can be recycled has expanded a bit to include more types of plastic bottles. Previously, only type 1 and 2 plastic bottles were accepted (You can tell what kind of plastic a bottle or container is by the symbol of a number in the triangle on the bottom.), but now types 1 through 7 can be recycled curbside.


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