Something We Should All Get Behind

The "Something" is an elected school board in Baltimore City. By "we", I mean Maryland and Baltimore bloggers/activists of all political stripes.

We are up against severe opposition, including Senate President Mike V. Miller, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, and the members of the school board themselves. I would imagine the Governor will weigh in against us as well.

But this isn't about them, its about the voters of Baltimore City demanding accountability from those who have steered our school system into turbulent waters year in and year out. Its about giving voters in Baltimore City a reason to go to polls aside from restoring the a new version of the same broken leadership every year.

Noted NPR reporter and School Board Member, Anirban Basu proves his ineptitude:

Baltimore school board member Anirban Basu called an elected board “the worst of all possible ideas.”

“We are beholden to no special interests, because we don’t depend upon any special interests to get elected,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes, but it’s because of a lack of understanding and information, not because of special interests with needs divorced of the needs of young people.”

This is a man whose consulting company has the O'MALLEY for MAYOR campaign as a client saying he didn't need "special interests" to get elected. RIGHT, next please.

Not to mention, apparently "making mistakes because of a lack of understanding and information" is something to be commended. Seriously, this guy is mentally detached.

But heck, maybe I am being unkind or overzealous. If Mr. Basu believes he is really meant to be on our school board, perhaps he could take a few months out of his busy schedule of talking on the radio every morning and earning numerous degrees and convince the voters of this fact. I would assume that with all of BCPS' problems, a school board job would be close to full time. Not for Anirban and other folks on the school board, apparently. They know better, and they also know you don't have a say.

Update:Let me also note that ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. From the same examiner article:

Proponents of elected boards “have built up momentum and community support each year, so it has a better shot of passing,” said Del. Jill Carter, D-Baltimore City.

One of Jill Carter's election promises was to fight for an elected school board. Mayor Dixon is solidly in the corner of an unelected North Avenue. Jill polled at what, 1%? Where were all of these concerned parents then? Who the hell knows... great job though!

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Anonymous said...

When you stand up for the people, they never stand up for you. They support status quo. Look at Edwards and Kucinich. Corporate controlled Clinton and Obama will NEVER be free enough to make significant change for the people in this country that need it most. The sheep follow the candidates promoted in corporate controlled media. Whenever anyone is sincere about fighting for what people claim they want, they become fringe and marginalized, and abandoned by both the political establishment and the very people they are fighting for. The parents in Baltimore deserve what they get. They continue to throw their poor children under the bus so they can make nice with the very establishment that is working against them. We, the people, are our own worst enemies.